Silent Steel Streamer FLW 5.56


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The suppression unit can be changed easily which makes the Streamer family suppressors most versatile suppressor on the market. Flow suppression unit is recommended for gas operated self loading rifles and baffle suppression unit for single shot bolt action rifles.

The suppressor caliber can be changed by changing the suppression unit. Flow suppression units are available in 5.56, 7.62 and 9.00 calibers. Baffle suppression units in 5.56 and 7.62.

Compact Streamer comes with either aluminum or stainless steel body. Aluminum body is suitable for PCC carbines, hunting/target rifles. Stainless steel body with flow suppression unit is full auto rated.

Flow suppression unit is made from 303 stainless steel and baffle suppression unit from 7075 aluminum and 303 stainless steel.

Calibers available: Flow unit 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 9.00mm. Baffle unit 5.56mm and 7.62mm



  • sound suppression: 15-32 dB
  • modular and multicaliber construction
  • no harmful toxic gases to shooters face and lungs
  • no increased weapon fouling
  • full-auto rated with stainless steel body – Simple structure with advanced heat management.
  • passes the SOCOM stress test cycles
  • recoil management – no significant increase in bolt velocity
  • serviceable – can be easily disassembled for cleaning and all parts can be changed
  • caliber can be changed by changing the suppression unit
  • no minimum barrel length restrictions


Flash suppression – controlled gas flow technology and rapid gas flow cooling eliminates virtually all flash. For SBR rifles less than 16″ barrels we recommend compact Streamer or Streamer. Streamer suppressors are ideal when using night vision since they prevent night vision blooming with each pull of the trigger

Gasflow/taperlock – suppressor thread tightens automatically when shooting. Fast revolving gases inside the suppressors creates rotational force keeping the suppressor firmly seated. Taper mount at the front of the muzzle device locks and effectively seals the suppressor keeping the mounting surfaces and thread clean from carbon buildup.

Minimal and repeatable point of impact change – streamers use direct thread mount with taper lock. This design is least affected with POI shift because the suppressor indexes at the same point when mounted and remounted every time. Streamers baffleless design inside the suppressor is symmetrical. The bullet flying inside the suppressor is affected by gas pressure symmetrically from all directions which keeps the bullet trajectory always the same. In most cases point of impact shift is 1-4 cm and straight down (100m).

Measured sound pressure (LCPeak) next to shooter’s right ear:

Flow suppression unit:

  • AR15, 223 Remington,16″ barrel 142 dB.

Baffle suppression unit:

  • TC Contender, 223 Rem, 16″ barrel -29,29dB
  • Without suppressor, 1m from the barrel 167,25dB
  • With suppressor, 1m from the barrel 137,96dB
  • With suppressor, shooter’s left ear 129,1 dB


 Measured with Norsonic 131 Class 1 (precision) sound level meter and Gras 1/4″ microphone.


M27*1,5 is the Quick Detach thread for Silent Steel QD muzzle devices. The other options are for direct barrel thread connections.