Silent Steel A2 QD Flash hider 1/2×28


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Silent Steel A2 QD Flash hider is a suppressor mounting muzzle device. The new model is standard A2 type flash hider added with adjustable compensation ports. Tuning ports on both sides and on the flash hider allows user to adjust and control the muzzle rise of a rifle. For best flash hiding all ports must be fully closed. A2 Flash Hider is delivered with shim kit and M4 adjustment screws.

Technical Specifications:

Lenght: 62mm
Diameter: 22mm
Weight: 120g
Material: 25CrMo4
Surface treatment: Nitriding


A2 flash hiders are for 5.56 and 7.62 calibers. The bullet channel is 8,5mm.

1/2″x28 UNEF – Standard AR15 type rifle thread
5/8″x24 UNEF – Standard AR10 type rifle thread

More info:

Taper at the front of the thread ensures solid lock up and minimal/repeatable POI shift and it also effectively blocks fouling from entering the mounting surfaces.

The heat resistant o-ring behind the thread secures the suppressor tightly on the flash hider and suppressor will not loosen up by itself. The heat resistant o-ring peak temperature resistance is 400c degrees. In our test the muzzle device temperature, with AR15 equipped with 5.56 Compact Streamer, was 280c degrees after 6 x 30 rounds magazines in row.