RifleCx Teflon Grease 100g


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Why do I need CERAMIC GREASE from RifleCX?

“Lithuania! My homeland! You are like health. How much you need to value, only the one who lost you will know…” the words of our bard Adam Mickiewicz fit the description of this remedy like a glove. A large part of shooters do not unscrew the compensator (especially in AR type rifles), do not pay attention to the thread at the end of the barrel or its crown … Finally, there comes a moment when we want to properly clean the compensator, so we start unscrewing it and … meatball, baked “amen”. In extreme situations, we are left with heating with a burner.

Meanwhile, to avoid burning and devastation of the thread and the crown of the barrel, it is enough to unscrew the compensator after each shooting, remove the dirt from the thread and the crown of the barrel with a GUN CLEANER from RifleCX (in this case we recommend using a brass brush) and then use permanent CERAMIC GREASE from RifleCX to later shoot without stress. A similar procedure can be used for chokes in shotguns – securing the choke with grease against shooting makes it easier to disassemble. CERAMIC GREASE from RifleCX is great for black powder firearms.

CERAMIC GREASE from RifleCX is resistant to extremely high temperatures. So it doesn’t matter if you shoot X magazines during training or you are lucky enough to have “full auto” – it will always protect against water and burning. Perfectly adheres to the surface, preventing seizing. CERAMIC GREASE from RifleCX is an alternative to GRAPHITE SPRAY from RifleCX – for users who prefer solid grease.



After cleaning the thread, apply lubricant to the surface.



Resistant to high temperatures – even up to 1400°C. High plasticity of the grease at low temperatures confirmed by the results of tests at the Air Force Institute of Technology.


Capacity: 100g.

Water resistant, hydrophobic.