RifleCx Gun Care Towels 50 pcs Heavy duty




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Why do I need cleaning cloths? A cleaning cloth is essential during the gun care process.

We use it to remove Gun Cleaner after cleaning and excess Teflon.

What properties should it have?

It should be large – for convenient cleaning.

It should be absorbent – so as not to use too much and ensure a quick cleaning process.

It should be durable – so that the sharp parts of the weapon do not rub it.

It should not leave threads on the weapon – the weapon should shine after cleaning.

This is our cleaning cloth – the highest quality product, 100% made in Poland.




  • Specialist cleaning cloth with a very strong weave of fibers. Durable for dry and wet work.
  • Suitable for precision work. The raw material based on cellulose and polyester has a high absorption coefficient.
  • Advantage: leaves no streaks on the cleaned surface. Used in places where a high level of hygiene must be maintained.
  • Works with detergents, solvents. Ideal in contact with petroleum substances.
  • It is certified by the Polish National Institute of Hygiene.