RifleCx Care spray with Teflon 500ml


Vrhunsko mazilo s teflonom za orožje, RIFLECX!


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Why do I need a CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX?

After all, it’s a gun cleaning and maintenance product all in one. A wise saying says that if something is for everything, it is for… nothing. CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX is designed to wash off dirt and degrease the weapon. If you finish cleaning it and put it in the closet, you may be surprised after some time – your equipment will be as red as a squirrel and getting rid of rust is really time consuming. After the remover, the CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX comes into play.

RifleCX, as one of the few manufacturers in the world, uses the original Telfon® by DuPont and not Chinese substitutes. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your weapon is covered with a product of the highest quality, protecting it from rust. If you need to put the weapon in the cabinet, spray it with CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX and then leave it until the moisture evaporates, leaving a layer of Teflon with an anti-corrosion effect.

If you carry the gun with you, wipe it gently after using the CARE SPRAY with TEFLON from RifleCX. The protective coating will stay that way and your weapon will shine like straight from the store shelf. Original Teflon increases abrasion resistance, is resistant to acids and alkalis and protects your weapons from freezing.



The preparation is applied to all elements of the weapon. Excess fluid can be removed with a cloth or compressed air. The Teflon® layer protects metal and plastic elements, creating the best available protective barrier against wear. Teflon® coating is abrasion resistant – Teflon® has an extremely low coefficient of friction. The preparation provides anti-corrosion protection and protects against freezing, water, acids and bases.



Genuine DuPont Teflon. Resistant to high temperatures. Very little surface energy. Very high lubricating properties. Prevents dirt from sticking. Does not react with other chemical substances, resistant to solvents. It protects elements against abrasion, protects shapes against slow size change. It has high thermal conductivity – it helps to quickly dissipate heat.

Protection against the negative influence of UV. Non-toxic, protects against the formation of fungi, including mold. It protects against the action of aggressive chemical compounds, e.g. washing with an inappropriate agent. Resistant to hydrolysis – does not allow the formation of new compounds on the surface. Safe for the user’s body – it is physiologically neutral. At low temperatures, it is characterized by high impact strength, i.e. steel resistance to cracking.

Protects against rusting of elements – a large load of corrosion inhibitors. Capillarity effect – the preparation penetrates elements against gravity and at an angle of 90 degrees.


Capacity: 500 ml and 200ml.

Tube attachment for precise application.

360o: operation in any can position.