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Holosun 503CU is a red dot sight of the Paralow series.

The letter ‘C’ means that the sight features a solar panel on top – the red dot sight can work without the battery inserted when there is sufficient lighting. The letter ‘U’ implies that the turrets of the device are shrouded and thus protected against potential blows.

The product features the ShakeAwake function. When left powered on, the sight will go from ‘active mode’ to ‘sleep mode’ after a while to prevent unnecessary battery drain. Once moved, it will power back on immediately.

Main features of 503CU MOA circle dot

  • circle dot reticle: 2 MOA dot & 2 MOA dot surrounded by a 65 MOA circle dot
  • comes with a low mount and a high mount for lower third co-witness on standard AR platforms
  • Holosun ShakeAwake function
  • a solar panel on top of the device
  • shrouded turrets
  • same mounting platform as Aimpoint Micro devices
  • 12 illumination intensity levels, 2 of them are NVD compatible
  • Parallax free
  • 50.000 hours of battery life
  • the battery compartment on the right side of the device in the form of a battery tray

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